Leonardo DiCaprio, Blake Lively


Dear Ted:
What's going on with Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively? There are constant breakup rumors and they weren't seen together for a while. Are they over? Is it cooling off? Are they just low-key since there's nothing (for her) to promote right now?

Dear DiLively Dilemma:
No official word on the status of their juicy relationship. But if they have gone their separate ways, that dirt you're hearing about Leo's mom having something to do with it may not be too far off. Total mama's boy. Just like Justin Timberlake. Good luck to the gal who tries to tie either dude down!

Dear Ted:
I'm not buying the Ryan Phillippe-Demi Lovato hookup rumors. Are they true? If they are, he doesn't really seem her type.

Dear 18-Year Age Difference:
And by "type" you mean only seven years older than his oldest daughter, right? I'd hope that Demi would have the sense not to dabble with Reese Witherspoon's leftovers, but the jury's still out on this one. However, reps deny anything ever went down, and it's pretty clear nothing's still going on—if it indeed ever did.

Dear Ted:
Any Vicey dish on Harry Potter's Tom Felton? Word is he's moving to L.A. later this year. Will that affect his relationship with his beautiful, but boring, girlfriend?

Dear Felton Fan:
Despite playing one of Voldemort's pals, Tom is relatively clean. But who knows, maybe Hollyweird will change him. As for his GF, I'm sure there are plenty of ladies who'd want his wand should their relationship fail.

Dear Ted:
Is Debbie Doobie Leighton Meester? I hope not!

Dear You're Safe:
Wrong gal, hair color and ‘tude. Right genre-type gig, though.

Dear Ted:
Did Traceless Turncoat reveal herself on the season premiere of her cutesy reality show this week? She instructed her stylist to bring along the electrical tape to prepare her ta-tas for an awards show gig. If she is who I think she is, does her hubby know about her Vice? Something seems off with those two.

Dear Dunno:
Who are you talking about dear? It ain't Paris Hilton.

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