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How is it possible that the three leads on Glee found out they were "terminated" through social media? Isn't that what agents are for? Or reps from the show?
_ Freddie B., via Facebook

This is Glee we're talking about, a show whose founder genuinely believes his work is the only force standing between at-risk youth and a life devoid of art...

It was creator Ryan Murphy who told the Hollywood Reporter that three of his stars, Chris Colfer, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith, would graduate in the next season, next year.

For the record, both Colfer and Murphy have said they discussed that notion together and agreed that those characters should graduate. But Colfer insists he wasn't sure exactly when his last season would be—until the Reporter tweeted their interview with Murphy.

Is that generally considered standard protocol in Hollywood? Nope, agents tell me.

"I absolutely agree that is professional thing to do, for producers to reach out to agents or managers, and have the discussion out of common courtesy," says Tim Kessler, on-camera agent at the Vox firm. The managers or agents, in turn, generally call their talent immediately and confirm the news before it reaches the press.

"I can guarantee you that no agent is gonna forget to call a client who is on Glee right now, and say, ‘By the way, you haven't been picked up,' " Kessler says.

"In fact, a lot of times, producers go right to the talent because they see them more often than they see the agents."

All that said, don't jump to the automatic conclusion that Murphy is just, well, being himself.

"We don't know what else is going on," Kessler points out. "There could have been a negotiation going on to maybe extend those characters, and it came down to money, and the network decided to make the final choice. There could have been a lot of different things going on."

In other words, some wires could have gotten crossed; someone thought that Colfer was told when he wasn't.

Or, you know, Ryan Murphy could just be acting like Ryan Murphy.

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