Hilary Duff, Twitter


Planking is so yesterday.

And although celebrities caught on to the craze, they're also catching on to the latest trend: Owling.


Instead of mounting your body in a straight horizontal line on, well, anything, you crouch on any object with your knees close to your chest and arms straight down.

Like an owl, duh!

Hilary Duff showed her followers on Twitter her owl stance this past weekend...

Look at that form!

The star tweeted on Friday, "Didn't wanna hit carmageddon so I'm just owling all weekend!"

Judging by his face, hubby Mike Comrie doesn't look too impressed. And that's probably why this "owl" is sticking her tongue out.

Guess it's a good thing Duff's not preggo, otherwise owling might be a bit more challenging.

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