Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt

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In case you missed our little guide on the likelihood of Brangelina marrying, suffice it to say: It's not lookin' good. So far, at least.

More friends who know the couple have weighed in on the possibility of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie getting hitched, and I'm afraid we have some sad news!

"It's doubtful it's happening right now," says one of the few (very rich) Hollywood gals who's still allowed to be a member of Brad and Ange's inner circle.

This no-wedding declaration itself is sad enough, but there's more negative goss, I'm afraid.

The Brangelina circle we mentioned is an incredibly small group of friends; there aren't too many members. (But trust, we do know one or two, and quite well). It used to be a much bigger group of pals. However, Angelina saw fit to change that.

"Lots of friends used to be very close to Brad before Angie stopped letting any of his friends come around," complains one Pitt buddy, who doesn't get nearly as much face time with beautiful Brad as he did before Jolie hit the scene several years ago.

Funny thing is, though, both the chosen few who have been approved by Jolie as well as those Brad buds who didn't make Ange's cut agree on one thing: Angelina wears the pants.

"She rules him," complains one formerly super-close Brad pal, who's since been iced by Angelina.

"You can never put anything past that Angie," remarked one Brangelina confidante who remains in both actor's good graces, "as she's the one calling the shots."

We're told that includes all marriage plans, so just be forewarned, everybody.

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