Ryan Murphy, Glee Cast

Mark Davis/PictureGroup for FOX; Craig Blankenhorn/FOX

Dear Ted:
So the first thing I thought when I heard the news about the Glee kids was: spinoff. I really hope Ryan Murphy goes that route because I'm not sure how I feel about not seeing Rachel, Finn and Kurt after high school. What do you think about a spinoff?
—Lazy Daisy

Dear New Directions:
I want a spinoff just to see what it's like—and I bet they're gonna try and do it, too—but don't expect Glee greatness. Spinoffs usually spin away pretty quickly because they're usually a disappointment compared to the original. So keep your expectations way low and you'll be satisfied. Hey, I might have just solved all my romance troubles!

Dear Ted:
My question is about Alexander Skarsgård. I'm a huge True Blood fan, and I noticed he's not as ripped as he has been in the past. Did he lose weight for a film role or is there trouble in paradise with Kate Bosworth?

Dear Thin Is In:
Au contraire, he's probably just following Kate's skinny-minny habits! And copying Kate would make the Swede drop some weight real fast. That's not to say everything's perfect between the two, but Alex isn't skipping meals over it.

Dear Ted:
Does Debbie Doobie have any famous relatives?
—Evelyn from NJ 

Dear Sole Celeb:
Unless she's got a secret sister separated at birth floating around H'wood, the girl's not from a famous fam.

Dear Ted:
I think Jennifer Garner looks pregnant. What say you?

Dear Jelly Belly:
I say I despise these super-early pregnancy rumors. Can't a girl eat a full meal in Hollywood and get away with it?

Dear Ted:
What does Nick Lachey do for a paycheck these days?

Dear Reality Slut:
Uh, let's see, film more reality shows about his married life?

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