Lady Gaga

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And she's back! Um, almost.

Just a few days after her shock suspension from YouTube, Lady Gaga's official video channel was quietly restored last week. And it was probably kept quiet for a reason.

When it came back up, the page was just a shell—or edge, if you will—of its former glory. So what's the deal?

Well, for someone usually so open with her fans, the Mother Monster is keeping uncharacteristically quiet about the whole mess. Though luckily, it doesn't take much deducing to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Last Tuesday, YouTube suspended "ladygagaofficial," blaming "multiple or severe violations of YouTube's copyright policy."

Then, as now, that was the only comment or explanation offered by either Gaga or the site, though the Google company did confirm to E! News that the site was indeed back up (gee, thanks for the hot tip, YouTube).

However, thanks to the name-check of Media Interactive Inc. in one of the take-down messages, it was quickly surmised that the complaints came from the company behind Japan's Fuji TV's SMAP x SMAP. Just before the suspension, Gaga had posted a clip of her performance on the show—which, as it turns out, takes it copyright quite seriously.

Even when it comes to the Queen of YouTube.

However, the channel was restored on Thursday night, albeit with just a shadow of its former clips.

Prior to the shutdown, Gaga had posted videos of her appearances from nearly every show she's performed on around the world. However, a peek at her newly instated channel reveals that, save for one or two saved performance clips, the bulk of her clips have disappeared, leaving more or less only those belonging to her other channel, LadyGagaVevo, in their stead.

And no, the SMAP clip is not one of those that made the transition to the new channel. Obviously.

Not that her fans seemed to mind all that much. Instead of complaining about the lightened viewing library, the Little Monsters instead welcomed back their fearless leader with open arms.

"I love you mom monster, you're back!" read one. "Copyright infringement…it's a bitch ya know?" read another. Other completely unbiased comments included "stupid u tube," "I'm so happy it's back," "Back to it Gaga, keep the spinning wheel going," and, of course, "Are there ducks in hell? I have to know…grim."

OK, so maybe not all the monsters got the message. In any case, welcome back, Gaga. And when you get the chance, let us know about the ducks.

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