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Hey, Glee fans. Do you remember that one time Quinn (Dianna Agron) and Puck (Mark Salling) had a kid? And then they gave it to Rachel's mom, Shelby Corcoran? And then the baby and the new mom disappeared, possibly forever? Well, good news! Deadline is reporting that Idina Menzel, mom to Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) and Beth Fabray-Puckerman, is coming back to Glee!

Get the scoop on Idina's return, plus news on 90210, Law and Order: SVU and more in today's TV Update...

Officially, a rep for Fox tells us that Idina is just "in talks" to return to Glee, and nothing has been confirmed yet. But that won't stop us from indulging in the news, right?

Don't think for a second that Shelby will be popping up for a hot minute just to raise her baby in the air à la Simba in The Lion King. No, she'll be coming back for a major arc! We're talking 10-12 episodes. That's plenty of time to reconnect with her daughter Rachel, and maybe for Puck and Quinn to actually see the baby they made in season one. And we know that'll make our Quick fans oh-so-happy. Not so good news for Will (Matthew Morrison) and Emma (Jayma Mays) fans, however. Shelby did have a heated make-out session with Schuester, after all. More problems ahead for Wemma? We'll find out when season three kicks off in the fall.

Sue Sylvester, Jane Lynch


Also heating up? Sue Sylvester has launched a "Stop Believing" campaign to prevent the "tone deaf howler monkeys" from the show from taking their act to the theaters in 3D.

"I don't know about you, but I can't stand looking at their little satanic faces in 2-D, much less 3D," says Sue. Duly noted.

Law and Order: SVU: B.D. Wong already has a new gig on NBC's midseason drama Awake, but SVU fans were hoping that he might still come back for the 13th season of the crime series. Unfortunately, Wong confirmed on Twitter that he will not be returning to SVU at all in favor of staying with Awake full-time: "I actually do not return for Season 13 of " he wrote. "SVU! I'm jumping to Awake. It's awesome! It was amazing to have such a cool job for 11 years and to be a real NY Actor."

90210: talked to Patti Carr and Lara Olsen, the new 90210 showrunners, about next season. In case you thought that every character was going to the same college, they are here to dash your dreams to pieces. "We didn't want to turn California University, or CU, into the new West Beverly. The kids don't all go to the same college. Some aren't going to college at all," says Carr.

Charlie Sheen So. This is happening.

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