For Angelenos, the thought of the weekend-long closure of the 405 highway, dubbed Carmageddon, has been enough to send anyone into a tizzy.

But while many Los Angeles natives feared that the highway-closing debacle would cause even more traffic jams than they're used to, celebs like Kim KardashianOlivia Munn and Jenna Elfman hit the Twitterverse to tell us if Carmageddon was all it was cracked up to be (so far). 

Take a look at what they've been tweeting...

Aziz Ansari : Carmaggedeon was originally going to be called Pearl Carbor. #TheresMyCarmaggedeonJoke #IFeelGross

Marlee Matlin A quiet day in L.A. Everyone is finding other things to do and not drive..and it's working so far. Bike, hike, discover the neighborhood!

Eliza Dushku: Bulls--t media. Barely 3 cars on the road this a.m went 4 pancakes @HuffPostLA: Carmageddon all it's cracked up to be?

Jenna Elfman: Thank you Carmageddon! No traffic for my son's 4th birthday party!!!!!

Olivia Munn: LA: CARMAGEDDON!!!!! Wait, what?

Kim Kardashian: So LA, how's the traffic? I'm so curious if its as bad as everyone imagined it to be w the 405 closed!

Jack OsbourneBreaking news...this just in. There is still NO traffic in LA. #carmageddonisbullshit

Tony Hawk: Living on the edge: just drove home from LA... on 405. Carmeggedon is the new Y2K.

HilaryDuff: Didn't wanna hit carmageddon so I'm just owling all weekend!

Katie Cassidy: At Disneyland! Thanks to #Carmageddon

Katharine McPhee: LA should shut down the 405 fwy more often...there is NO traffic! #Carmageddon is awesome. :-)

Jessica Alba: Not gonna lie -loving LA during this #Carmageddon scare -there is zero traffic. It's like LA at xmas peace n quiet EVERYWHERE!

Piers Morgan: More TV news helicopters filming non-existent #Carmageddon in LA than cars on the road.

Barbie: #CARmageddon has begun on the 405 freeway! Looks like this doll is staying put in the Dream House for the weekend.

Zooey Deschanel: #Carmageddon= Frontline marathon!! Fun fact: wikileaks' Julian Assange blinks A LOT!!!

Paula Abdul: any #SouthernCalifornia people on? they actually NAMED the 405 &10 fwy closures! it feels like some ominous holiday is coming #carmageddon

Ryan Seacrest: Wait, what!? There's stuff to do in LA that doesn't require a car? #nobodywalksinla #carmageddon

Katee Sackhoff: I'm so tired of the "News" talking about #Carmageddon its only about 3 miles of freeway...shut up! We have bigger problems in LA!

Kevin Smith: LOS ANGELES! The end is nigh! #Carmageddon is upon us! On Sat/Sunday, avoid the 405 Btw the 10 and 101 like you'd avoid a Kevin Smith film!

Rob Lowe: Survived #carmageddon It was the Y2K of commuting. Let's shut the 405 freeway forever!!

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