Just when you thought the marriage of 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison and his 16-year-old bride couldn't be more odd…the duo hit Good Morning America.

The newlyweds, who tied the knot in Las Vegas in May and subsequently created a media blitz, dished on their relationship, how they met and more on the ABC morning news show Friday.

"The way we met was really beautiful," Hutchison's wife, Courtney Stodden told GMA. "My mother was managing my career. Her friend told my mother that [Hutchison was] holding some workshops for acting. And I was very interested in acting. So what better way than to connect that way?"

Hutchison said Stodden sent him an e-mail, and their exchange was about business at first, but then she became "flirtatious."

"Well come on, he's so handsome," Stodden said.

During the couple's four-month courtship, Hutchison said he was shocked when he learned Stodden was only 16. He had originally thought she was in her twenties based on her website.

"My world turned upside down. It didn't make me want to walk away, but it definitely was a struggle inside my heart because I had already started falling for her," Hutchison said.

So, when he felt that things were getting serious during their four-month courtship, Hutchison called Stodden's parents (the aspiring pop singer's mother was already aware of the duo's exchanges at that point).

"I said, Krista, I don't know if you know this or not, but your daughter and I are falling in love. If you and [Courtney's father, Alex Stodden] have any misgivings whatsoever about this, I will respect you, and Courtney will respect you. And we will step back…So [Krista] said, 'I can feel my daughter's love for you. I can feel it inside of my heart, and I can feel your love for her. So rest assured, Me and Alex, we have absolutely no problem with you two falling in love," Hutchison went on.

Krista Stodden even suggested the couple get married, and told them there were certain states where it would be legal.

And just in case you were wondering, Stodden said she has not had plastic surgery, despite her appearance.

"It's real," Stodden said. "It's rill, head to toe…. R-I-double L."

And so they, say, is their love.

"I always joke with Courtney that one of the reasons we worked is 'cause she's 16 going on 36, and I'm 51 going on 21," Hutchison said.

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