If sharing really is caring, could there be a more concerned clan than the Kardashians?

Why, just yesterday, Kris Jenner bequeathed to the world live footage of her facelift.

Before that, Kim Kardashian donated an x-ray of her booty

And Khloé Kardashian Odom has so frequently given of her ladyparts...

...That we've come to think of them as an old friend: There was her gynecological exam, her laser sprucing-up down under and the bikini-wax-job gone awry by sister Kourtney.

Talk about giving 'til it hurts!

Well, prepare yourselves to receive more, people, because in this sneak peek from Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, papa Bruce Jenner is getting all philanthropical with this generous gift of ...ear wax.

Warning: Do not watch before eating. Or after...

Thanks, Bruce. Thanks very much.

We can only imagine what's next. How about you?

Kardashian Wish List
What up-close-and-personal moment would you like to see from the family Kardashian?
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