Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt

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Rumors have been swirling that Hollywood's most simultaneously scandalous and do-gooder duo are set to walk down the aisle in France this summer. But we can assure you, as can their local mayor in France, that this ain't happening. Well, this week, anyway.

Despite truckloads of tabloid speculation on when and where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will wed, a close pal of the couple, who would definitely make the invite list, tells us, "Nobody is talking about it, no one knows anything about this happening."

Translation: Don't hold your breath for a Brangelina white wedding. But despite the nuptials not happenin' right now, here's five things to surely keep in mind about the couple and why they haven't married yet, but very well may in the future….

1. Brad and Angie Are as Secretive as They Are Beautiful: "You never really know what's exactly going on between them," says a close Brad friend, who's known the 47-year-old actor most of his life. This is another reason why it's an absolute joke when people say they are this generation's Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, who were known for very publicly fighting, loving and boozing with each other right smack in front of their fans. Brangelina does everything behind the veil, whether it's adoption and procreation, charity, world-class (and world-wide) architecture and family values. Celebrity always seems to be made a distant fifth with these dynamics, at least that's what Brad and Angelina would like you to think.

2. Remember, Brad and Angelina Are Actors: While Brangie are touring the world for their global feel-good show, like flying to Turkey to meet with Syrian refugees last month, how do they feel privately, deep down inside? "Of course, they care about these causes," says a friend who knows the couple well and who socializes with them regularly. "But, the two of them will do anything for publicity. That's the Brad and Angelina you don't know."

3. Not Their First Time at the Altar Rodeo: Brangelina's been rumored to have married before. As to this latest round of marriage rumors? "It isn't true," says another close Brangie confidante.

4. Others Would Like to Cash In on the Brangelina Wedding—Big Time: Don't forget this beautiful couple has product to sell. Pitt's out with Moneyball Sept. 23, and word on the street is the flick needs all the help it can get. "My guess," says a close Brangelina confidante, "is that [this latest round of marriage rumors] is Sony getting ink time.

5. Could They Already Be Married? Lastly, and because they are such good actors (sorry, to the chorus of boos we just heard, both Angelina and Brad more than deserve their accolades and Oscar recognition), we very well could be the last ones in on the laugh—as well as the happy occasion. Perhaps all those times Brad's said gays should be able to be married first or that their kids really do want them to marry, it's all just a fabulously played-out mystery before the final reveal: They're already hitched. Says a woman who has known and hung out with the uber famous couple for many years: "I always suspected they were married long ago."

Us, too, babes!

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