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Dear Ted:
First off, some of your reader aren't so smart and need to chill! Why did Kris Jenner get plastic surgery? I have no ideal how old she is, but she looked great. I hope she's not unhappy or something.
—Lazy Daisy

Dear Face-Lift Fiasco:
Trust, Kris is happy and confident. The Kardashian klan just have a way different way of seeing nips and tucks. Kim's said she'll get plastic surgery when things start to sag. Kourt got her boobs done already, and we've all seen what happened to Bruce Jenner's face. Dealio is that Kris just wanted an extra-surprised-lookin' face for her tot's nuptuals. Runs in the fam, darling!

Dear Ted:
How many of the Glee kids were surprised with Ryan Murphy's announcement on several of them leaving after this next season? What about those not mentioned, specifically Dianna Agron, Mark Salling, Amber Riley and the other originals? Guess they will all hit the road and, of course, not be part of the possible spinoff?

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Dear (Not Good) Bye, Gleeks:
From Chris Colfer's comments on Thursday, sounds like every Gleek had a WTF look on their faces when they checked the news that morning. But don't be so quick to pronounce Ryan scorned babe. If a spinoff comes along, we see many original New Directions members joining in song again. Just my opinion.

Dear Ted:
So I've been really loving all the Kristen Stewart spottings lately. She is my favorite. Anyway, I was brainstorming some ideas of people I'd like to see her work with in the future, and the two that came to mind are Joseph Gordon-Levitt (I just adore him lately) and, just because I find him totally sexy, Ryan Gosling. What are your thoughts? Do you have anyone you'd love to see her team up with on the big screen?
—Miss Meliss

Dear K.Stew Casting Agent:
your picks, hun. Have to say, I'm über-thrilled to see her scenes with her current cutie costar Garrett Hedlund.

Dear Ted:
I heard that Natalie Portman and Jake Gyllenhaal dated, is that true? I don't think that's true. 

Dear Publicity Stunt:
Yep they dated, officially that is. Nat's not really Jake's type.

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