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Uh-oh! Could we have another Morgan Mayhem in the mix?

Trust, Debbie Doobie isn't hitting the party circuit quite like Ms. Mayhem, but she's taking a few notes on her party-girl ways. Let's back up a sec: You might know Deb from a slew of movies and TV shows that she's appeared in. Totally gorgeous gal with great hair and that whole good-girl vibe to boot!

But like any wannabe A-lister working her way up the H'wood ladder, D2 knows how to party. And her poison of choice?

Weed, for the most part.

Which isn't so bad and will probably be legalized in good ol' Cali before they let two loving dudes tie the knot, but I'm getting off track here. Debbie is a ganja goddess, tho she's good at hiding her stoner ways for the omnipresent paparazzi.

However, it wasn't her puffing that had peeps chatting at a swanky pool party the babe recently attended.

It was M2's fave little white powder. Coke, duh.

Seems Debbie has developed a new habit to accompany her coast-hopping wild ways, and her closest pals are worried that once she boards the blow train, her next stop will be rehab.

"She's totally becoming unhinged," one Debbie confidant was overhead whispering about her friend's kooky behavior that left many of the other guests wondering what the hell Deb was smoking...

Or snorting, in this case.

Hey, Debbie, you may want to cool your partying ways and actually listen to your pals—ya know, the ones who aren't slipping you drugs. Just look at how Morgan turned out:

Rehab and, worse, straight to the Z-list.

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