Prince William, Kate Middleton


Hey, it wasn't always Aston Martins and open-carriage rides. A duchess has got to start somewhere, and Kate Middleton drove into Prince William's heart with help (OK, very little help, but help all the same) from this 2001 blue VW Golf.

Which, if you're lucky and loaded enough, could now be your 2001 blue VW Golf. Oh, come on. You've already proven you want her hair, her clothes, her shoes…even her crazy hats. You know you want her car.

Now here's how you can get it…

Kate Middleton, Ebay Car Ad

Head to eBay.

Proving that depreciation is just for commoners, an opportunistic intrepid young Brit has decided to auction off Middleton's old wheels, posting the royal's used ride for sale on the auction site this morning.

Car aficionados and royal memorabilia collectors have 10 days to place their bids for the sensible three-door car, with the starting bid set at 20,000 pounds, or just under $33,000.

So what exactly will potential buyers be getting for their buck?

Well, in addition to the car, which both Will and Kate have driven (swoon!) and which infamously (well, infamously in the British tabloid press, anyway) netted Kate a parking ticket back in 2007, the winning bidder will also receive proof of Middleton's prior ownership in the form of her name in the car's log book, as well as a pair of sterling silver cufflinks emblazoned with the Scottish flag that was left in the car when Kate's brother, James Middleton, sold it to the entrepreneurial new owner back in 2009. (Are they James'? Are they Wills'? Does it really matter since the buyer's gonna tell everyone they're Wills' anyway?)

For those less concerned with royal history and more interested in the nuts and bolts of the sale, here's some fun facts for you: The car was first registered (by Kate) on Nov. 27, 2001, just a few months after she'd met—but not yet struck up a romance with—the Prince at St. Andrews. The current owner, Sonny Brazil, lives nearby the Middletons' Bucklebury home and bought the car from the family for just $2,300. A U.K. auction house currently values the wheels somewhere around $48,000. It's got a manual transmission and has racked up 62,000 of the U.K.'s best miles.

Oh, and the auction ends July 24. Happy bidding!

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