Celebrity Apprentice, Richard Hatch

Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Forget Christmas, Richard Hatch wants out of the big house right now.

The Survivor winner and Celebrity Apprentice star asked a federal appeals court to chuck the nine-month prison sentence he received earlier this year for failing to pay taxes on his million-dollar Survivor winnings.

Hatch appealed to the court Thursday, arguing in a brief that the sentence he received was unreasonable and exceeded prosecutors' recommendations by three months.

And that's not all.

The reality star is requesting that the appeals court either toss out his case or order further hearings.

If this situation sounds vaguely familiar, it's because this isn't Hatch's first time trying to cut his sentence short (or avoid it altogether).

The former Tagi Tribesmen tried to appeal his latest sentence before heading to the pokey, but still ended up in a New York jail cell in May.

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