So True? So False? Does Nikki Blonsky Really Work at a Shoe Store?!

Rumors abound that the Hairspray actress has started sidelining as a sales associate in her hometown of Great Neck, N.Y. Now we've got the real story straight from the source!

By Gina Serpe Jul 15, 2011 3:27 PMTags
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It's not like we haven't heard cautionary tales of stars losing everything before.

Though Nikki Blonsky's fall from box-office grace nevertheless seemed to take fans by surprise—after all, how does someone go from the heights of Hairspray to reportedly working in a shoe store?

Of course, we certain applaud the practicality of it, as well as the lack of ego-tripping and financial straits-causing pride. But could the tale of Hollywood starlet turned genial shoe fetcher really be true?

Is Blonsky really sidelining it as a sales associate in a Great Neck, N.Y., shoe boutique? Break out your walking shoes, because this rumor is…

So false! Though that's not to say that there isn't some truth to it…

"So much false reporting! & false quotes," Blonsky tweeted this week. "NO career changing! Just experimented 4 a day working @ a friends boutique 2 see what it was like."

So she did work there—but just for a day. Which doesn't exactly explain why the owner of Steven Dann, the high-end shoe boutique in Blonsky's hometown where she tried her hand at, well, feet, said that she had already been added to the shift schedule. She might want to have a word.

Still, while Blonsky is setting the record straight, she also denied what an insider told E! Online's own Awful Truth, that in addition to happily signing customers' receipts, the talented actress treated patrons to a couple numbers from Hairspray while on the sales floor.

"NO singing or dancing happened, but it was fun trying something new for a day :)" she wrote.

Now someone hire this lady. Preferably someone not in the footwear biz.