Rihanna, Lady Gaga

Frank Micelotta/Fox/PictureGroup via AP IMAGES; GDA via AP Images

First it was Megan Fox. Now it's Lady Gaga. There doesn't seem to be any chick that Rihanna can't beat these days.

Earlier this week, Armani ditched the former Transformers star and replaced her with the S&M-lovin' songstress as the face of their swanky lingerie line.

And now, Ri-Ri is snatching social media titles from her pop star cohorts, besting Gaga to become the most popular female star on Facebook. So just how close a race was it?


According to famecount.com, Rihanna narrowly passed up the "Born This Way" singer this week, clocking in 40,566,359 Facebook fans to Gaga's 40,544,276.

So while she may not be the only girl on Facebook, she's definitely the most clicked on. And to that, Rihanna updated her status saying: "40 mil! 1 LOVE #RihannaNavy"

Or, as she might hashtag any other day, that's some serious #rockstars--t. The only person with more Facebook fans than her is Eminem, who's racked up over 43 million followers.

Little Monsters shouldn't fret too much, though, 'cause while Ri-Ri hit the 6 million followers milestone on Twitter last week, Lady Gaga still dominates the Twitterverse with over 11 million fans. And despite being banned, Gaga is still the most viewed YouTube star (with Rihanna coming in at third place).

So while Rihanna may have won the Facebook battle, Lady Gaga is still winning the social media war… for now, at least.

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