Fasten your safety belt tightly, people, because when Emmy magnet Breaking Bad finally returns this Sunday night, you're in for a "much darker roller-coaster ride" than ever, star Aaron Paul told us on set this spring, adding: "It's the most intense thing we have done thus far."

Impossible, we scoffed—the show has consistently maintained the intensity of a 30-hour Coen brothers movie—until we saw the mind-blowing fourth-season premiere.

What about the first episode is, as Bryan Cranston says, so "very shocking" that one audience member at the L.A. premiere was forced to seek medical attention?

Well, we obviously can't tell you that—you'll just have to watch and see. (And maybe have some smelling salts handy?)   

"It's like, whoa—oh my God!" Cranston told us about the scene in question on location in Albuquerque.

Press play on the videos here for more season-four scoop from the Emmy-winning actors on set (filmed at some empty offices on the floor above what posed for the DEA headquarters).

We don't want to spoil anything about the stunning season premiere, but bring your reactions back here on Monday, when we'll share what the cast told us about how the scene affected them. Two hints: One actor said his preparation involved "trying to find a way to do this without hurting myself—psychically, spiritually—without carrying it for a long time"; another reveals that he actually sprained his ankle during filming!

There's still another reason you can't miss Breaking Bad on Sunday: During the show, AMC is airing a first-look video from the upcoming season of zombie apocalypse series The Walking Dead. And check back here for our exclusive Comic-Con preview interview with TWD creator Robert Kirkman!

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