Kristen Stewart

Miguel Aguilar / Juan Sharma,

Don't worry, Kristen Stewart is alive and well, just a little flustered after a minor car accident today in Los Angeles!

Proving she is a mere mortal just like us, K.Stew dealt with the damage all on her own—well, plus those pesky photogs.

So what exactly went down on the mean streets of Los Angeles today?

After the minor fender bender occurred, K.Stew pulled over to the side of the road and got out of her Mini Cooper to assess the damage to the rear of her car.

Looking apologetic, K.Stew exchanged info with a fellow female L.A. motorist.

Luckily, both gals walked away all smiles and Kris, dressed casually in her trademark jeans and a T-shirt, drove away unscathed.

Phew! We wouldn't want Kris to be held up from her busy week of horseback riding lessons, yoga seshes or errand running!

Perhaps Kris should let someone else drive down to San Diego for next week's Breaking Dawn and Snow White and the Huntsman panels at Comic-Con?

Might be best for everybody involved, especially her.

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