Kris Jenner

Who says the "something new" part of a wedding has to belong to the bride? Not Kris Jenner, as the reality matriarch has decided to, well, refresh her look in advance of daughter Kim Kardashian's big day.

Yep, Mama Kris has gone under the knife, and E! News has the exclusive video of her heading into surgery.

You read that right. Heading into surgery after getting some words of reassurance from her concerned kids...

"I don't want to die," Kris joked, kind of, after calling it the "most stressful morning" of her life.

"Don't cry, you're going to be fine," Kim assured her mom.

Kris Jenner

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So, what was she having done?

One look at the ever youthful Jenner and it's clear she wasn't exactly in need of a physical overhaul, so she opted only for a mini facelift, getting a little nip/tuck work done around her neck and eyes.

The overall effect is said to be very subtle—good thing, too. Not only because she didn't need much done, but because we sure know that we, for one, wouldn't want to be held responsible for upstaging Kim on her big day, and we can only assume the same holds true for the mother-of-the-bride.

Meanwhile, it's unclear exactly when Kris went under the knife, but rumor has it she underwent the operation about a month ago—and since then, she's been doing a good job maintaining a low profile. At least, until she released the video footage.

"Mom, you look fab," Kim assured the bandaged matriarch after the procedure. "So gorgeous."

Meanwhile, it's still unclear when she'll be able to show off her new look on a larger scale, as Kim and Kris Humphries have yet to officially announce a wedding date. (They have, however, registered, and been spotted around Vera Wang's Bridal House.) Though several prospective dates have popped up in the blogosphere—including Page Six's newly alleged Aug. 20 and the not exactly fairytale romance-worthy date of Halloween—the duo have so far kept their plans under wraps.

Emphasis on so far.

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