Candice Crawford, Tony Romo

Even if you weren't invited to Candice Crawford and Tony Romo's lavish Texas wedding, you could still see all the extravagant action yourself in a five-minute video highlight clip that, for a brief time yesterday, was an online viral smash.

But faster than you could say, "I do", the movie-trailer-esque footage (featuring fireworks at the ceremony!) got yanked down.

How come? We have a few theories...

First, the obvious one...perhaps the couple intended the keep their wedding footage private and it was accidentally publicly uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo. We do know that copyright claims by the wedding videographer prompted the take-down.

But maybe, just maybe, the clip proved too embarassing for the twosome.

After all, it reveals their personal pre-vow grooming ritual, with Candice getting her makeup airbrushed on and Tony shaving before walking the down the aisle.

The over-the-top, borderline cheesy showcase also includes a guest filmed reading about the wedding in a newspaper (so meta).

As local Dallas station Fox 4 proclaimed of the local sports hero's effort: "It's done in the style of a trailer for a Hollywood blockbuster."

(Yeah, you read that right. This video was just a mere teaser for a longer one to come—which we probably won't see!)

"And here you thought the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises would be the best movie preview you'd see this week," opined a Yahoo sports blog.

The footage ends with the newlyweds driving away in a white Cadillac convertible and a slide reading, "Candice and Tony…Coming Soon."

Are barf bags, included?

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