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First the Icelandic wilderness and now a wild gang shootout? Jake Gyllenhaal sure is living on the edge.

Last night, the actor's attempt at Method acting for his new cop flick took a frightening turn as his ride-along with the LAPD landed him at the scene of a gang shooting.

E! News confirms that the hunky actor, playing a cop in his latest film, End of Watch, were on a preapproved ride-along with the Los Angeles Police Department when officer Tami Bauman received a call to report to an antigang rally, where gunfire had broken out, and which had left an alleged gang-banger wounded by a rival clan.

"Jake is doing research for End of Watch and has been amazed by the professionalism of the LAPD," his publicist told E! News.

Gyllenhaal and costar Michael Pena, who play two police officers in a long-term friendship, had been doing some real-life research for the roles, and were both shadowing cops on patrol overnight, his rep confirms to E! News.

They didn't get as close to the action as first thought, however, as they arrived to the Summer Night Lights event in South Los Angeles—a program supposed to reduce gang violence by keeping public parks open late and offering food and activities—after the shooting had taken place.

By the time they got to Van Ness Park, where the shooting occurred around 11:30 p.m., the victim was already down on the ground and the suspects had fled. Bullets were no longer flying upon their arrival, and the LAPD simply began their investigation into the incident.

The victim has since been hospitalized in stable condition with graze wounds to his lip and arm.

End of Watch is slated to hit theaters in 2013. With all this front-row action for Jake, we're expecting nothing less than an Oscar nomination.

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