We're all for admitting your Vices, Daniel Radcliffe, but now we're wondering if you even had one?

For drinking, that is. (The wizard's got other Vices for sure.)

'Cause when Jeanne Wolf interviewed all Dan's Harry Potter friends and foes about those supposed dark days of drinkin', nobody could remember a "chosen" lad who couldn't handle his whiskey:

Nope, they all look positively perplexed by the news, claiming misquotes and major embellishments.

Looks like Dan must've kept it classy at work, because costars like Rubert Grint seem completely confused when asked about his costar of 11 years. The red-haired actor said, "I am not sure if it's being kind of exaggerated. I was yeah, I wasn't really aware of it."

Uh, yeah, Harry must hold his liquor well! But we're wondering where those drunken paparazzi shots are?

Perhaps that's why the most enticing argument of all comes from a certain shy Neville Longbottom (aka real-life Matthew Lewis). Says the surprisingly cute actor, "I have been out with him on many occasions and I have never seen him you know in a damaging state at all."

Hmm, so you partied with Dan, Matt, and he didn't go overboard? Sounds a little different than Dan's version in GQ U.K., which has him "so reliant on alcohol to enjoy stuff."

We sense someone might've been a little too hard on himself? Certainly seems worth asking the question.

It's OK Dan, we trust you'll never be a LiLo. Not even close.

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