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It was dog-eat-dog competition at So You Think You Can Dance tonight as the top six couples danced together for the last time, fighting for a spot in the top 10 in hopes of inching that much closer to nabbing the title of America's best dancer.

So who was hot, who was not, and what couple sparked rumors of a summer romance?

This week is crucial for the top 12, who are desperate to stay in the competition and be judged as individuals in the top 10. After two rounds of  routines, it was mixed bag of reviews, where sugar-coated critiques were nowhere to be found as the judges were to-the-point and brutally honest with every performance.

While Tadd Gadduang and Jordan Casanova received a standing ovation for  their contemporary Travis Wall routine, their second round piece was lackluster, leaving all the judges disappointed.

"It could've been quirkier," said Nigel Lythgoe. "It was OK."

While the audience may not have agreed with the judges' comments, Jordan said she and the other dancers embrace the criticism. "I'm just thankful that they are honest with us and don't bubble gum it up and make it all fun and games," Jordan told us. "It's good to know what to work on for next time and step it up a notch."

Mitchell Kelly and Caitlynn Lawson fell short as well with their first hip-hop routine but redeemed themselves with a jazz number that judge Mary Murphy said was, "Slightly naughty, a little intense, gutsy and I loved it!"

Ricky Jaime and Ryan Ramirez, who have fallen in the bottom three twice, failed to fully connect to their Broadway routine. With a chance to wow the audience with a spicy cha-cha, it was only marginally better, as the judges agreed that only Ricky brought the heat. While he earned a seat on the Hot Tamale Train from Mary, Ryan was left waiting at the station with her sloppy foot work.

Fan favorites Sasha Mallory and Alexander Fost were fearless with a paso doble and killed their contemporary piece, but it was Sasha's impromptu smooch on Alexander that had the whole audience asking if  they were a real-life couple! When we caught up with the two after the show, they set the record straight on their rumored romance.

"We're friends! Let's get that straight," Sasha told us. "They wanted us to kiss and feel it. They told us we could and whatever happens happens, but we had a really fun I gave him a kiss!"

Nigel praised Jess Leprotto and Clarice Ordaz's lyrical hip-hop as "beautifully danced" and there was no doubt Melanie Moore and Marko Germar's American-style tango was hot, hot, hot! 

Guest judge Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson said Melanie and Marko possess a spark that can't be forced.

"My arm is like braille right now," he said after their contemporary routine. "You gave me goosebumps."

With this week being one of the most important in the competition, Jess says the best anyone can do is to expect the unexpected and take every challenge head on. 

"You never know what to expect," he said. "What I know is that you always have to give them a show no matter what the challenge is and what I'm really looking forward to if I make it to the top 10 along with Clarice, we just want to be part of this experience even longer." 

Who are you voting for to be in the top 10? What all-stars do want to see dance with the competition? Do you like when judges give criticism or do you think they're too harsh? Let us know in the comments!

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