Giuliana Rancic, Bill Rancic

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Giuliana Rancic still wants to have a baby. Even so, my E! News pal and her hubby, Bill, have decided to take a break from trying—well, a break from using IVF treatments to make it happen.

"Bill and I agree this is a year of fun and we're not going to talk about it,' Giuliana told me earlier today. "But you can't turn it off. I do always think about it and it is something we will get back into when the time is right. Right now, it's been a really nice healthy break."

The couple has talked about using a surrogate...

"We're both open to it," Giuliana said. However, will it come to that?

"My doctor said, 'You know, you're really not there yet. You've only done IVF twice. One time it worked, the other time it didn't,'" Giuliana explained. "He goes, 'It's a numbers name. We've looked at everything, and you are definitely a candidate for IVF to get pregnant using your own eggs and Bill's sperm.'"

The fourth season of their reality show Giuliana & Bill (premiering Monday on the Style Network) centers on Bill's more permanent move to Los Angeles from his native Chicago. "He doesn't love L.A.," G said. "I'm trying to get him to like it, but it's been a struggle."

Giuliana also exclusively told me that she'll launch a fashion line on HSN in January. "If my stuff ends up on the bad end of the Fashion Police, I am going to cry," she said, laughing. "I will jump off the balcony at E! So fingers crossed."

The collection will include reasonably priced women's clothing and handbags. And yes, Giuliana will (bravely) ask Joan Rivers for advice. "I totally trust her opinion," she said. "As soon as I get the samples, I'll show them to her."

Oh, and then there's the restaurant business. "My mom's a great cook, and everyone always says she should open up a restaurant," G said. "So that's also a part of the new season, opening a restaurant. The great debate is, is it going to be in L.A. or Chicago? I, of course, want L.A. and Bill is convinced that people in L.A. will only eat sushi and tofu and they don't eat pasta."

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