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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have come a long way since their tween clothing line for Walmart.

Since ditching the boho tops and bell bottoms for the younger fans that had followed the girls from their days on Full House, the twins have become bona fied fashion designers. They were even nominated for a CFDA Fashion Award (like the Oscars of fashion, darlings) for their chic, high-end line, The Row.

But now the sisters are movin' on up and expanding their empire to handbags. And we aren't talking bags you can find in a nationwide superstore that boasts "Always Low Prices!"

We're talkin' très expensive purses made of alligator, python, ostrich and lizard that will probably not only send PETA over the top, but set you back a pretty penny, too.

So how much will one of M.K. and A's bags cost you?

How about $2,000-$15,000! The nine different styles of exotic bags (that you can lust after here), which M.K. and Ashley will debut later this week at Barneys New York, mostly land in the $5,500 range.

The only problem with the pricey purses by the pair? Who can afford them?!

"How many people are going to buy a $15,000 handbag? They don't sell very well," a fashion insider dished to us about high-priced bags in general, adding that the bags are priced on the upper end "because they're exotic and anything alligator is in that price range or higher."

As we said, we're guessing the fashion-forward sisters will be receiving a call from PETA any minute now. Not that it would be the first time.

But the sisters, known for their "homeless chic" style, stand by their simple, sophisticated bags.

"We didn't want too much branding; we didn't want an It bag," Mary-Kate explained to Harper's Bazaar of the new line that was created to complement The Row's fall runway collection.

"We wanted there to be multiple options in the collection so you aren't stuck with one style; there's a purpose to every bag," added sister Ashley of the line that includes a day tote, backpack, doctor bag and classic shoulder bag.

But is this really a great idea?

It's a big ef you to those who have grown up alongside the 25-year-old sisters and supported them through the years. The sisters aren't just excluding their younger fans with the new, high price points, they're alienating most everyone.

Even Jessica Simpson, who we know loves her new Birkin bag (which range in price from $9,000-$34,000), is smart enough to keep her clothing and shoe line's price points low enough where her demo can afford them.

Sell to the masses, live with the classes, honey!

But now, Jess isn't being nominated for any CFDA Awards, is she? So guess these gals are doing something right.

We just hope the twins don't completely forget their roots. Danny Tanner never would have let Michelle carry such a pricey purse.

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