Our hearts still ache for Hugh Hefner.

Sure, he might have found another lady already, but getting ditched by Crystal Harris five days before the wedding is just tragic. Thankfully, super-awesome Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett show up to console him in this exclusive clip from Lifetime's one-hour special, Hef's Runaway Bride (don't worry, even his former bride-to-be gets to spill her side of the story, too).

More importantly, Hef makes a shocking revelation of his own...

While Harris parties in celebration of her newly-single life, Hef has been receiving support from the blondes that we all know and love.

"You couldn't write it like this. Go back a handful of years in terms of what has happened in all of our lives. It's unreal and we are very blessed, and I am so blessed to have you guys in my life," Hef tells Holly and Kendra.

And that's when he drops something big to Holly (who we all thought he was going to marry instead), and judging by her reaction, she was surprised, too!

Check out the video to see what he thinks got "screwed up."

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