Kim Kardashian, Shia Labeouf, Chord Overstreet, Jennifer Aniston

Kim Kardashian, Shia LaBeouf, Chord Overstreet and Jennifer Aniston have serious H'wood celeb status in common, duh, but that ain't all, folks.

Sorry, there are no cougar-cub hookups to report yet, but this group has joined up for Pollapalooza time!

We asked you if you thought Kim was way kute, if Shi was too chatty, what Ryan Murphy's deal was and whether you could embrace a naughty Jen. So what did you Truthers have to say about our plethora of polls?

Klassy Kim for Her Big Day: Forget being fashion forward, you all want Kim to go way tradish. We thought you'd want the Kardashian girl to show off her famous asset in something sleek and sexy and...curvy, but nuh-uh. Elegant and subtle, like fashion icon and princess Kate Middleton, is the way to you all think K.K. should go.

But don't be a fashion slave to that other K, Kimmy! Unlike Kate's big day, you thought Kim's hair should be up and out of the way to show off that smoldering bone structure of hers. But either way, mama Kris will think Kim looks smokin' either way. Bring on the tears and cameras, babe.

Shia's Not Shy Enough: After Shia "slipped" about his sexcapades with Megan Fox, we decided to address his little habit of extreme honesty. No surprise, about half of you thought Shia's super-common slips were way rude. We're sure Meg doesn't appreciate it too much either, though we don't mind one bit!

That's why we were happily surprised at the rather large minority who praised Shi's chatty Kathy ways. Says one LaBeouf fan: "His honesty is freaking awesome. There is no bulls--t with this guy since day one when he showed up on Jimmy Kimmel in a hoodie and shorts."

From the perspective of someone who's always tailin' those sneaky celebs, totally agree.

Mysterious Murphy Cuts the Chord: We contemplated numerous reasons for axing adorbs Chord Overstreet off Glee, but you weren't feelin' any of them really. Instead, you cried confused and blamed creator Ryan Murphy's random ways. But why o' why, Mr. Murphy?

Well, don't worry your little hearts quite yet Gleeks ‘cause there's still a question mark on whether Chord's even leaving the show. It may be only a minor role, but here's hoping the cutie pie keeps singing on with New Directions.

The Good Girl's Better Bad: You bad boys and girls. It's pretty obvious Jen Aniston, the rom-com queen, is much hotter to you when she gets down 'n' dirty, which is why we pinky swear that you'll majorly appreciate her deliciously disobedient Horrible Bosses character.

Makes sense Jen is mixing it up onscreen ‘cause naughty and nice is more like how the girl rolls in real life. And while her angelic demeanor fools some, we're sure Justin Theroux appreciates her naughty side. Roar.

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