Guess Who

What does it take to get a cab around here?!

This adorable little guy calls Tennessee home, but during a visit to New York City he's learning quickly how tough it is to get a ride around town as he helps his famous singer mom and baby brother hail a taxi.

We're guessing they didn't have to wait too long, though, 'cause it's doubtful anyone could resist this kiddo's cuteness.

So who is this little helper?

It's Wyatt Crow!

The 4-year-old son of Sheryl Crow was snapped in Manhattan's East Village with his mom and 14-month-old brother, Levi, looking casual and picture-perfect.

Crow is currently on tour with her boys in tow—she's booked for a show tonight in Darien Center, N.Y.


Sheryl Crow, Wyatt Crow, Levi Crow

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