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The fighting between Jerseylicious stars Tracy DiMarco and Olivia Blois Sharpe has gone way past the verbal and gotten majorly physical.

So much mayhem erupted during a bar fight between the two gals and their beefed-up beaus (airing during Sunday's new episode of the reality series) that DiMarco wasn't even aware it was actually Sharpe who violently kicked her in the head during the brawl.

"It is really hard to watch," DiMaro exclusively told us yesterday as she viewed footage of the kick for the first time.

Uh-oh! Now that she knows who the culprit is, could DiMarco be planning revenge with some ass-whooping of her own?

Read on to find out...

"I thought that I had got knocked out by a bouncer," DiMarco says. "I remember my arm hurting. My arm hurt really, really bad and my head was pounding and everything was blurry...To kick somebody in the head is to really want to cause damage to somebody. You have to really want to hurt them badly."

As for seeking revenge, DiMarco insists, "I don't want to retaliate. I just want it to be over. I don't want to fight with her. I don't ever want it to get to that point where you feel like you could possibly kill someone. I'm lucky that she didn't have her heel on."

Now we want to hear from you. Check out a clip of the brawl below and tell us which Jerseylicious gal's side you're on!

VIDEO: Watch the explosive bar fight

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