World Premiere! Demi Lovato Is Stronger Than Ever in "Skyscraper"

E! News has the world premiere of the resurgent 18-year-old's brand new video

By Natalie Finn Jul 14, 2011 12:00 AMTags

Who needs bells and whistles when you've got a message?

We are happy to bring you the world premiere of the video for Demi Lovato's hit single "Skyscraper," a very personal tune about landing in a dark place, only to battle through and rise higher than ever.

Yes, like a skyscraper.

In an exclusive interview with Ryan Seacrest, Lovato said that she didn't want this video to be (like so many others these days) all about hair and makeup or the glitz factor. Instead, she wanted to convey the song's message in as honest a way as possible.

So all you get is a barefoot Lovato in a billowy white dress, hair flowing in the breeze as she triumphantly makes her way through a barren desert. Her emotional rawness also translates through the slight rasp in her voice.

And you know what? That's all you really need to understand what she's trying to say, loud and clear.