Casey Anthony

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Dear Ted:
Please stop talking about Casey Anthony. Your column is one of an escape for many of us. Not a place where we want to click and see that monster's picture. Please, I'm begging you. When I read your column, it's light, it's fun, it's gossip! You have a voice. I know you may think you're using it to shine light on the fact that she's guilty, but it seems to be simply feeding the media frenzy surrounding her. Love ya, though not sure if I will stick around anymore.

Dear Aggravated About Anthony:
Sorry that you feel that way, honest, but whether you like it or not, Casey's going to be around for a while. Whether she joins the Z-list scene or inevitably gives that exclusive interview, she's going to continue to be a presence in the public eye. And you know, Lifetime's going to be all over this.

Dear Ted:
What ever happened to the Brat Pack? Seems like their days of movie collaborations may be over. Are the friendships over as well?

Dear Pack From the Past:
Well, as you know, a lot of the Brat Pack members ran into some difficulties regarding drugs and alcohol back in the day. And then there was Judd Nelson's infamous "I hate everybody" rant that went down. I wouldn't go as far as to say their friendships are "over," but they're def not as chummy as they used to be. Good news is Rob Lowe and Demi Moore are still on top for sure!

Dear Ted:
You've always insinuated that Daniel Craig played for the other team. Well now he married Rachel Weisz, and she is not someone who would subject herself to being anyone's beard.

Dear Beard Baffled:
"Subject herself" might be the wrong words here. Ever think maybe it's a mutually beneficial arrangement, as are many marriages?

Dear Ted:
Tom Sturridge
and Sienna Miller are such an odd couple. He's so awkward and quiet, and she's such an attention-getter on the surface. But it does make me wonder: Do they have any Vicey behavior in common with one another? Is that their bond? Have either of them, or both, made your Blind Vice archives? Do tell!

Dear B.V. Bond:
First off, you've got to give any guy credit for sticking with a serious party girl like Sienna. So it's not surprising that he would feel the need to sow some comparative wild oats. And as for her, do you even have to ask?

Dear Ted:
Robert Pattinson
's Vice involves his sexuality, drug use and alcohol right?

Dear Unholy Trinity:
Now you're getting piggish. If you had stopped at two, I would have answered you.

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