Did you forget to set your TiVo for Jake Gyllenhaal's sexy, shirtless debut on Man vs. Wild last night?

Spoiler alert: He survived! Barely.

The manicured Hollywood dude had to cross a nearly frozen river, traverse through glaciers and eat a live worm, all in the name of adventure!

So how did Jake prep for his seriously dangerous two-day survival experience on the treacherous terrains of Iceland with wild man, Bear Grylls?

"Uh...I've done nothing to prepare for this situation, so I feel like that's somewhat appropriate," J.G. semi-joked.

How does one prepare for worm-eating, anyhow?

While Jake grimaced after eating the wiggly creature, he did say the edible root it came from was "tasty."

So why did the actor decide to give up his Hollywood lifestyle for a trek in outback?

Well, Bear asked, for starters. Also, J.G. said, "Every time I've seen the show, I've just thought, 'Oh, I wonder what it's like to be there with him?' That's why I'm here."

And there's nothin' this pretty boy ain't down to try!

"I'm looking forward to everything," Jake said at the beginning of his Man vs. Wild experience. "I'm up for it. I'm up for anything." Thanks for that, Jake, because when else would we be able to see those finely tuned abs in a rubber jumper?

But there's something about seeing Jake in the wilderness with another man that seems vaguely familiar.

Hmmm, perhaps this is all just training for Brokeback Mountain II?

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