Paris Hilton, Todd Phillips

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Looks like Paris Hilton's latest love interest is more than just a rebound guy.

Last night, P had a PDA-packed dinner with her new beau, Hangover II director Todd Phillips, at Madeo restaurant in L.A., spending hours at the trendy eatery.

And the couple made no attempts to hide their affection for each in front of their fellow diners.

"Paris and Todd were kissing and cuddling nonstop throughout dinner," an eyewitness tells me. "They're crazy about each other!"

But let's get to the important stuff...what did they eat?

Paris ordered lasagna, while Todd opted for ravioli. He picked up the check, natch.

Clearly, this couple isn't worried about bikini season.

Post-dinner, Todd stepped aside as Paris obliged fellow diners and fans with photos.

Says a source close to Paris: "She thinks he's so sweet and funny."

Maybe this isn't just a summer fling for the freshly single reality star.

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