Tom Felton

Dimitrios Kambouris/

Emma Watson isn't the only Harry Potter castmate getting emotional about the final movie.

The actress, who cried with J.K. Rowling during the London premiere last week, told me she wore waterproof mascara during the NYC premiere last night, which we livestreamed right here.

Costar Tom Felton confessed he might possibly shed some tears, too...

"I've yet to see," he told me on the red carpet when I asked if there'd be waterworks. "Don't push me because I might now!"

The generous guy, who brought pizza for fans camped outside of Lincoln Center, said he was going to have a late night out after the screening.

"We plan to stay out with everyone," he dished of his party plans. "This is the final stop, so we're gonna go all out!"

Daniel Radcliffe, who's quit drinking, swore he was going to stop by the party, but he didn't pop up in any pics from the soiree at the American Museum of Natural History.

Maybe he celebrated with another bowl of cereal at home?

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