Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner

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Dear Ted:
With Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner attending the same event with the royals, there had to be some eye-rolling or "that bitch" drama, right? I know J.Lo loved her some Ben Affleck in the past.

Dear Royal Manners:
Then Jens may not enjoy each other's company per say, but the gals are classy enough to hold it together in front of the monarchy. In fact, they managed to avoid bumping into each other at all at the swanky event. No bitch slaps in front of the prince and princess, ladies.

 Dear Ted:
Yours is the one opinion I really want on this, having read you for years: Casey Anthony. Yes, I said the dreaded name. The talking heads are saying she could head to L.A. and find fame and fortune. I want to know what you think about her chances of becoming a celeb. Please share your thoughts. I know you keep it witty, pithy and brief in your columns, but as a veteran observer, I would love to hear in-depth thoughts from you.

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Dear Mizundastood:
Let's clear this up, because some commenters seem to be a little confused. Case's antics are a serious evilfest. I don't like her, and the girl is, at best, a damn awful parent. She'll still be able to get H'wood's attention if she wants it, but trust, it won't be glamour and glitz, babe. It'll be harsh critics and questions. Still wish her ass was in jail.

Dear Ted:
I love Alexander Skarsgård just like everyone else, but I totally don't get all of the Kate Bosworth bashing seen here. I get that it sucks he is taken, but they seem cute together and she totally rocked in Blue Crush! My pooches, Marley and Coco, say hello.

Dear Katie Hatey:
What can we say, we're jealous bitches.

Dear Ted:
Watching your TLT video this week, can I just say that you rock the silver fox look!  A sexy beast you are!  Victoria Beckham's absence at the royal party is puzzling to me.  She's stated before that she doesn't like to be seen or photographed when pregnant, yet baby bumps are the best Tinsel Town accessory. This speaks to me of a body-image issue. Might her B.V. have anything to do with an eating disorder?
—Curious in N.C.

Dear Popping Posh:
Thanks for the ego booster, darling! As for Mrs. Beckham, she kinda had a good excuse to ditch the festivities this weekend, seeing as she had a little C-section penciled in on Sunday. She stills has body issues tho, but it ain't technically a Vice ‘cause girl has been pretty open about them. Eat up now, Posh, you've got Harper to feed!

Dear Ted:
John Barrowman
from Torchwood said in an interview that "half of the straight actors who are playing straight characters in Hollywood are actually gay." How accurate is his estimate in your opinion?

Dear Gaywood:
He's nearly on the nose, doll, but a little exaggeration never hurts.

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