Alexander Skarsgard, True Blood


A debate is in full fangbanger force.

While it's basically unanimous that Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) and his perfectly chiseled abs were much appreciated this week, True Blood addicts are wondering if the hunky vamp's delish body is enough to sustain them through the fourth season.

So while we're staring at that yummy tummy to the left, let's get scientific and vote on the matter!

Pull an Eric and Forget About True Blood

People have multiple reasons for wanting to ditch TB: too many supernaturals, not enough sex, boring storylines...blah blah blah. (Sorry, we're still obsessed.) In the words of one disappointed fangbanger: "Instead of interesting storylines, they're trying to smother us with creature bonanza."

Ok, y'all have some legit opinions, but what about Eric! Well, I guess you can always just google Skars' shirtless pics, right?

Must. Stay. For the sex.

Then again, some of us would rather see Skars in high def. So the storylines may be getting a little kooks and we're tired of seeing that one old witching twitching all the time, but we can't bear the thought of missing out on the down 'n' dirty of True Blood.

Besides if it wasn't for the witches, we wouldn't have the adorable hawtness that is amnesiac Eric Northman right now. It's all about perspective people.

Forever Fangbangers Unite

What the hell are we complaining about? There are enough story lines to satisfy all our Blood-y obsessions!

Besides, the more supernaturals, the better. TB's really just following the books on this one, 'cause the written form was full of witches, shapeshifters, werewolves and werepanthers (did we miss anythings?). Yes we love our sexy vamps, but they got to shake things up a bit, even in Bon Temps.

Now tear your glamoured eyes away from Eric for a sec and let us know what'cha think!

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