Drew Pinsky


Bai Ling has had her share of troubles which, like any normal person, she has tried to drown out in a deadening sea of booze.

The effectiveness of that strategy has landed her on Celebrity Rehab, where she is so unhappy she tries to fly the coop. Literally.

Is dealing with folks like Ling the reason behind the show's just-announced indefinite haitus? Take a gander and judge for yourself...

On the plus side, however, she is raking the roof.

As for the show's up-in-the-air future? Turns out it's not strickly Ling's looney antics that causing Dr. Drew Pinsky to take an extended vacation.

With the Dr. Drew Show, Loveline, Sex Rehab With Dr. Drew, Celebrity Rehab Presents Sober House and the upcoming Life Changers, Pinsky is apparently too busy helping people to continue helping people...

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