Nadya Suleman, Kristen Johnson

NBC/Paul Drinkwater; Brian Killian/WireImage

Who would've guessed that a two-hour flight delay and 12 screaming kids just don't mix? Apparently, not Octomom.

Such was the case when the insta-celeb, a.k.a. Nadya Suleman, and 3rd Rock From the Sun star Kristen Johnston reportedly got into a heated argument while waiting for takeoff on an JFK-to-LAX flight Friday night.

What went down before the plane went up?

Octomom's rep tells E! that mechanical problems on the flight caused the delay, adding that:

"Nadya and her children were in business class, apparantly Kristen became upset and came from 1st class to tell her to keep her kids quiet. They had an altercation and Kristen got off the plane and never returned. While Nadya had help from her friend and two older children, it's not easy to travel with one two-year-old let alone eight two-year-olds on a plane. She did the best anyone could."

According to reports, when Johnston complained about the noise and asked the multi-mom to keep it down, Octomom is said to have snapped back, "How would you like me to keep eight 2-year-olds quiet?" To which Johnston responded, "Get more help!"

Then Nadya reportedly shouted, "Why don't you grow a baby and get a life!" 

That's when Johnston got off the plane to find a different flight back to L.A.

Where is Oprah when you need her?

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