Jennifer Aniston, Horrible Bosses

John P. Johnson/New Line Cinema

If you didn't know already, Jennifer Aniston plays a naughty dentist who says and does some very naughty things in her latest flick, Horrible Bosses. Yep, with this par-tick role it's goodbye, Rachel, hello, man-eater.

And now that you've had a chance to check out the funny flick (which hit your local Cineplex last Friday), we wonder: Do you like the big screen babe as a good girl or total horn dog?

Cause, must admit, even we were shocked at just how dirty Jenny got.

She strips down to nearly nothing (and, duh, her body looks fabulous) while chatting about c--ks, p---y, d--ks and a bunch of other things that make the column look like the world's dirtiest game of hangman.

Things that would make poor, dead Marley roll over in his doggie grave.

Oh, and then there's a whole buncha, um, "digital" sex. Jenny's character gets it on with herself in the bathtub while having wild phone sex with scene-stealing costar Charlie Day and, earlier on in the film, deadpans that she pleasured herself while watching Penn Badgley on Gossip Girl.

He must be honored. We know we would be!

So now that you've seen naughty Jen (as a D.D.S. with quite the dirty mind) and we're sure you remember nice Jen from Just Go With It, The Break-Up, and pretty much every other movie the babe has starred in, we wonder:

Is it the good girl gone bad or just the plain old good girl that makes your Aniston-loving hearts happy?

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How do you like Jennifer Aniston on the big screen?
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