Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake

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Dear Ted:
Are Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel really getting back together? I know I will have bad karma for this, but I don't like them together. He seems so much funnier with Mila Kunis.

Dear Bad JuJu:
It's no secret that Justin and Mila have got some serious chemistry. Ahem, look at their steamy Elle photoshoot. But it seems like JT and Jess just can't help but continue their on-again / off-again love saga. Group puke!

Dear Ted:
I know Robsten both have Vices, I'm wondering if K.Stew's isn't an eating disorder? Because the girl is never seen eating, she is so thin and even though we always hear of them going to dinner together, it makes me wonder.

Dear Skinny Stew:
No worries, Kristen is just a natural skinny minny (bitch). But that's def not one of the secrets dangling in K.Stew's closet.

Dear Ted:
How is it that gossip folks like yourself have so many sources yet no one can actually confirm that Kristen Stewart is in Toronto? Does anyone actually know besides them? Oh, and nice pot stirring with the K.Stew/Garrett Hedlund article. We've already been tortured enough this month with zero sightings and now she may/may not have flown to see Rob and you're writing an article about Garrett. I get it. It's your job but go easy on us fragile Robsten fans. We freak out about enough stuff!

Dear Robsten Worrier:
Believe me, babe, I am more than aware of the paranoia surrounding the Robsten fandom. And as I've said before, there is no need for it. Even if large pieces are separating your OTP, that doesn't make their love affair any less strong. And in regards to Kristen and Garrett, how many times do I need to repeat the word "platonic"?

Dear Ted:
I just read the last book in The Hunger Games trilogy, and I can not wait to watch the movies. I don't know whether or not they have cast President Coin yet, but wouldn't Sigourney Weaver be the awesome in the role? She plays bad amazingly!

Dear Weaver for Prez:
Even though the evil President Coin won't appear until the final installment, I can't argue with your casting choice. Sigourney would totally rock that role. Plus, any excuse for her to whip out "Get away from my district, you bitch."

Dear Ted:
Just started watching Wilfred and totally love its quirkiness. Elijah Wood seems to stay below the gossip-radar. Is he as nice and squeaky clean as he seems?

Dear Wondering About Wood:

Dear Ted:
Now that Keri Russell is getting a few minutes of fame again, what can you tell me about her? I knew her husband in college and he was uh, well, different. Got any Vicey dirt on these two? Inquiring kitties want to know.
—Fan of Felicity

Dear Felicity Fan:
Well, who am I to say "no" to inquiring kitties? But, Keri's a total doll, truly. Nothing Vicey to report, sorry, hon!

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