They're baa-a-aack.

Oxygen is kicking off season seven of The Bad Girls Club in New Orleans with a whole new group of crazies.

The show premieres on Aug. 1, but lucky for you, we have a sneak peek so you can preview what's to come.

And yes, it's just what you would expect.

Let the catfights begin!

Tasha Malek, Natasia Townsend, Angelic Castillo, Tiara Hodge, Shelly Hickman, Priscilla Mannella and Judi Jai are the baddest of the bad that will be living in the Big Easy clubhouse this season.

And judging from the video, personalities are clashing from the get-go.

So how does a beezy get revenge?

We're sure there's a variety of ways, but for Judi Jai, drawing a picture of her and saying she's a "paid ho" will get you breakfast in bed.

And not the sexy kind.

Check out the clip to see what we're talking about!

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