Guess what? Nancy Grace isn't going away.

In fact, HLN has 25 hours of Grace-centric programming on tap for this weekend, despite the public distaste prompted by her bang-the-drum insistence that Casey Anthony murdered her 2-year-old daughter and, as of Tuesday, got away with it.

But there's at least one person who doesn't think the veteran host and legal pundit is using this case as a personal spotlight.

And that's Nancy Grace.

"It's not about me or any other media related person. It's all about Caylee, and there's been a huge miscarriage of justice," Grace asserted Thursday in an interview with Broadcasting & Cable.

So the fact that Casey—who will be released from jail next week after receiving credit for time served following her conviction on multiple counts of lying to authorities—was found not guilty of first-degree murder, child abuse or manslaughter hasn't swayed Grace's opinion in any way.

"It was genuine shock, it was really stunned disbelief. I could hardly even take it in," she said of her emotive on-air reaction to the verdict. "Even now I know that it happened, I know there's a not guilty, I know the mom's gonna walk next week, but it still seems a little surreal with such strong evidence indicating guilt, that a jury could do this."

Asked about one reporter's suggestion that Anthony would never have had a crackerjack defense team if Grace hadn't publicized the case to high heaven during the years leading up to the trial, Grace called the idea "completely nonsensical."

She said that she can't worry about what her colleagues and critics are saying.

"What other media or pundits or defense lawyers are saying about me, that's not factored into my equation," she said. "I really didn't get into this job to win Miss Congeniality...If I want to stay true to my mission, what I'm about I really cannot entertain all the negativity.

"Look, here's the deal: Tot Mom's guilty, and everybody knows it except those 12 jurors. So the fact that I said it, I just don't understand why that's causing such an uproar."


"It's not about my career," Grace insisted. "I do not have ratings incentives in my contract. I don't have any incentives in my contract...I have not been speaking to anyone about the ratings this week."

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