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Dear Ted:
Enough with the Mormon hate. You do realize that you have Mormon readers (like myself, who has been a reader for as long as you've been with E!). Come on. You can't fight hate with hate. You can't expect me to take you seriously or listen to your point of view when every time you talk about Mormons you spew such vitriol and hatred. Bashing Mormons (whether it be Marie Osmond or Stephenie Meyer) does not endear anyone to your cause. They don't respect you or listen to you more. You won't change anyone's mind with your behavior.

Dear Mormon Monger:
Sorry you feel that way, but that's the beauty of freedom of speech, sweetheart. And for the record, I adore Marie Osmond. In fact, some members of her family are the only famous Mormons who have even breathed that perhaps the anti-gay vitriol the church is so famous for might not a good thing, after all. And to that effect, I have just as much right to state my point of view as do you do—and your fellow church members. Big kiss to ya, anyway (and I mean that!).

Dear Ted:
If somebody was to write a tell-all book about the last generation of Disney teen greats (Miley & Co.), whose secrets would be (a) the most surprising, (b) the most scandalous and (c) the dullest? And is there any chance of that book actually being written?

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Dear Disney Dissers:
In order you asked: (a) Miley, (b) Britney and (c) Vanessa. Also, keep in mind a good deal of the teen Disney drama has already been (purposely) exposed as a way of breaking these talents away from the big black mouse ears. But that's not to say a tell-all book wouldn't be deliciously juicy, in addition! And there's so much more to tell!

Dear Ted:
A couple weeks ago I went to the NKOTB/BSB concert and fell back into the 14-year-old girl stage...They look better now! But I was wondering if any of them have Vices? Now that Jonathan came out and Nick and A.J. are sober, do they have any other secrets?

Dear Backstreet Babe:
The larger-than-life crew may be getting their life back together, but I'm afraid that's kind of all there is to it with this crowd. No Vices for the boys!

Dear Ted:
Today you said you are positive Jennifer Aniston isn't "getting her mama on," but you said it's time for baby Aniston. So which is it? Were you just waxing poetic about a Jen baby but you know that's not in the cards, or do you think it is something Jen will be pursuing soon, particularly now that she seems all loved up with new guy Justin Theroux?

Dear Baby Mama:
I'm just  like Jen's ex, Brad: I want it both ways. I don't really think the maternal thing is Jen's No. 1 goal in life (obviously), but she would make a better mother than I think she thinks she would be, and let's just say Justin's bringing out something in Jen she wasn't sure she'd ever see again.

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