Blind Vice lesbians

Dear Ted:
It's been pretty dry out there, so I thought we should play a game. So far this summer, which of our Blind Vices has been the most scandalous? Most surprising? Most annoying? Sexiest?

Dear Summer Entertainment:
Hmmm, after much deliberation, here's my Vicer vote:
Most Scandalous: Sally Pearlsmyth
Most Surprising: Toothy Tile
Most Annoying: Shafterella Shoshstein
Sexiest: Crotch Uh-lastic

Dear Ted:
You're from where? Texas? And you make fun of Minnesota? You poor thing.

Dear Excuuuse Me:
Oh chill out, hon, we're just giving our homegrown opinions. Our very own Aly Weisman's a proud Minnesotan! And I'm a Texan, but uh, not quite as proud.

Dear Ted:
Does Jen Lindley, uh, I mean Michelle Williams have a Blind Vice?

Dear Barely BV:
You still stuck on Dawson's Creek? Yes, the girl has had a few supporting B.V. roles, but just like that show, it's pretty old news, darling.

Dear Ted:
I noticed a few Harry Potter Professor Snape pics on your site and that got me wondering about the fabulous Alan Rickman. I'm a big fan of Mr. Rickman, and I'm hoping you can confirm my belief that he's an all-around great guy (Vice free) as well as a fantastic thespian. Thanks for any info and my Yorkie Peanut sends kisses!

Dear Snaky Snape:
Hey now, good guys can have their Vices and not be on the dark side. Just look at Alan's most famous character, Severus Snape himself. The guy's Vicey, but ultimately on H.P.'s side. And now that I'm off my Harry Potter-fueled soapbox...You're right, Alan's an innocent little thespian puppy.

Dear Ted:
Not Vice worthy but a little birdy told me that Vanessa Hudgens spent Fourth of July weekend with Josh Hutcherson in Kentucky with his family and some of Josh's Hollywood friends.

Dear Southern Charm:
So, when's the wedding?

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