Stephenie Meyer

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We admit, Steph ain't our cup of tea.

We heart Twilight (grudgingly, because of you know who), but Stephenie Meyer's devotion to the super anti-gay Mormon Church and, you know, her whole fantasizing housewife thing, just rub us the wrong way.

That's why we have to admit that we gagged a bit when we heard the storyline for the new Austenland movie she's producing.

Listen to this: The rom-com is about a woman who spends all of her savings to go to a resort catering to women obsessed with Jane Austen.

Doesn't that like someone we know?  

We could easily see S.M.'s lustful obsession with Edward, oh we mean Mr. Darcy, ruling over her husband and three kiddos. Keri Russell plays Steph's idealized self too, but nothing new there, really.

Is anyone else getting a teensy bit tired of Ms. Meyer's housewife fantasies being played out in her protagonists' semi-perilous situations? Obviously, not, since Meyer makes millions at it.

We're also distressed, to say the least, that a big chunk of those millions Stephenie makes get sent back to the Mormon Church, paying for disgusting, hate-fueled "charity" such as Prop 8 funds.

We know, we know, she hasn't publicly commented on gay rights (‘cause that would ruin her career real quick), but her deep Mormon roots make us shaky. Mormons traditionally give at least 10 percent of their earnings to the Church and some of that, we're betting, goes to these so-called "charities." And trust, even 1 percent of the girl's income is a quite a lot.

Why don't you produce a movie about a strong, independent woman who adopts a fairly unpopular religion and, in her own defense, wastes no time telling people off about it, Steph? You know, instead of never talking about it because she knows damn well it would be a highly unpopular move that just might jeopardize her career?

Now, that might be a flick worth seeing.

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