Guess Who

Juli's / Fontoura / AKM

When it comes to one of this star's little secrets, you might say the writing is on the wall the belly.

What's more, here's an actress who is so known for her good girl image, that the sight of some body ink on her Southern belle body is obviously going to garner attention.

So which famous face is walking the line between wholesomeness and rebellion?

Reese Witherspoon

Juli's / Fontoura / AKM

Reese Witherspoon!

The Oscar winner inadvertently revealed a fairly decent-sized tattoo around her midsection while enjoying the Fourth of July holiday in Malibu with her two children and new hubby, Jim Toth.

Sure, this blonde is legally allowed to have it (in fact, she got a smaller one awhile back), but it still comes as a bit of surprise nonetheless.

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