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We're just going to assume you've heard the news of Chord Overstreet's departure from Glee. And to say that Chord's swan song is abrupt is quite the understatement.

The surface of Sam's relationship with Mercedes had barely been scratched, and if you didn't cry when Sam revealed his family was homeless, you officially have no soul. Not to mention that unlike many other glee club members, Sam had a personal connection with pretty much all of them.

He was the sweetest boyfriend ever to Quinn (even though she ultimately cheated), he gave an uncannily believable performance as the Biebster, took a punch for defending Kurt and it didn't hurt that Sam made for some serious eye candy. Seriously, what could you not like about this guy?

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Not too much. So the obvious question here is: What the hell happened?

Well, the jury is still out on that one. The Glee puppet masters, as well as the cast, have been eerily tight-lipped about the entire thing. And we've been scratching our heads along with gleeks across the world. Just for the record, we're not saying Harry Shum Jr. and Darren Criss don't deserve their series regular promotions. But the size of Glee's principal cast is already rivaling Lost's; Sam could have easily stuck around.

Over the weekend, the "Don't Cut the Chord" campaign was launched by some angry and determined gleeks. A petition through Twitter was created only three days ago and it already has well over 11,000 signatures. There has also been some rallying to get Overstreet's first Glee single, "Billionaire," as No. 1 track in the Glee iTunes top 10. And it did jump from 64 to 5 this weekend. Hell hath no fury like a gleek scorned!

We probably won't be the first to say that, Ryan Murphy & Co., you screwed up! There are plenty of other personnel cuts that could have been made. Overstreet still has the option of making an occasional appearance at McKinley, an offer we sincerely hope he accepts.

On the bright side, however, we're sure Trouty Mouth isn't going to have any probs scoring new jobs. He's just abulous, after all!

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