Daniel Radcliffe

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Dear Ted:
A quick question about Daniel Radcliffe. According to a new interview with GQ U.K., Daniel said he drank whiskey on the set of Half Blood Prince and "became reliant on alcohol to enjoy stuff." With him coming clean about one of his vices, can you reveal what, if any, Blind Vices he's in? After all, there's no better time to revisit the Harry Potter Vices than right before the premiere of the final movie!

Dear Plastered Potter:
While it sounds like Harry Potter himself is taking a page right out of Buddy Rib-Toast's book of bad-boy tricks, Daniel hasn't secured a spot in our Vice vault (yet). Dan is far less douchey with his boozy blunders than Buddy, which his Harry Potter cohorts should be thankful for. Butterbeer can cause people to do crazy things.

Dear Ted:
I'm from Argentina. You know we are very open minded people who fight for equality, and sometimes I get mad when I see stars saying that they fight for equality when all they want is fame. I was watching Lady Gaga's Monster Ball tour on HBO, and I felt that she tried too hard. My question is, is she really a fighter for equality or does she only fear losing some gay little monsters?

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Dear Monster Mash:
Lady Gaga and her LGBT little monsters have a très mutual beneficial relaysh. She loves ‘em and uses her platform to speak up for those that can't, and they make her one of the biggest pop stars...like, ever. You have good reason to be dubious, but her homo-lovin' isn't strictly biz: Gaga is substance and shine.

Dear Ted:
Why is Kristen Stewart doing another trilogy after she basically said she wouldn't do one again? And why are they planning more than one Snow White and the Huntsman when they don't even know how well the first one will do? Are they really expecting a blockbuster? They'd really need a great (read: well-acted) movie to pull it off with the number of Snow White movies being released and even two network shows based on fairy tales.

Dear Grumpy:
Can you really blame them for wanting to cash in on two more Stewart-starring flicks? Having her name attached is pretty much a guarantee of big bucks at the box office. But here's the deal: Just ‘cause they're planning to do three doesn't mean they actually will. If the first one bombs, the big wigs over at Universal will pull the plug. Tho, with the cast SWATH locked in, I'm sure they won't have to worry.

Dear Ted:
It seems yet another gorgeous Hollywood starlet has made the unwise choice to succumb to plastic surgery. What's with these young chicks getting Botox overload? They don't even looking like themselves anymore. It's so sad. Why do these nearly flawless young beauties do it? Low self-esteem? I'm stumped, help me.

Dear Nip and Tucked:
Appearance is everything to Young H'wood, and some stars feel the need to put a perpetual smile on their face—even if that means, ya know, the rest of their face doesn't move. These gals know the Industry is gonna force them into the surgeon's chair eventually, so why not start young? Botox is just the tip of the vain iceberg, babe.

Dear Ted:
I love how you leave us hanging when you answer Robsten questions, but I'm really frustrated now! If jealousy and different career paths will not come between them, then something else will, right? You seem to know something we don't. Care to give us a hint?

Dear Breaking Point:
It's almost like you want a scandal to rock their solid relaysh. Trust, nothing too scandalous is brewing at the moment. Joint appearances may be in limited supply at the moment, but sit back, relax and dream about all those Robsten-licious scenes you'll get in Breaking Dawn. FYI, babe, there's a sex scene—in case you hadn't heard.

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