Chord Overstreet

Christian Rios

Dear Ted:
I was completely shocked to learn Chord Overstreet is on the outs with Glee. He's one of the few underclassmen they have, demoting him seems counter intuitive with the impending graduation situation. Any behind the scenes reason that might make this make sense?

Dear Out of Tune:
Probably not as shocked as Amber Riley, who probably thought she was finally going to nab a storyline that didn't have her worrying about her weight or singing a Dreamgirls hit. And while Chord may pop up occasionally, I'm not terribly surprised he's saying goodbye so soon. His abs could only shine for so long before Ryan Murphy desired new blood.

Dear Ted:
Is Andrew Garfield really hooking up with Emma Stone or is the whole thing just a publicity stunt? And if they are, how serious is it?

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Dear Web of Lies:
While my spidey senses say this par-tick twosome may have more-than-convenient timing, it could be the (sorta) real deal. It's definitely not serious—and I doubt it will get to that point—but it sure will help promote the flick.

Dear Ted:
Interesting Blind Vice item regarding King Schlong. Does his significant other know about his wandering eye (and schlong)? But more importantly, is his girlfriend the kind of woman who would turn a blind eye, or would she dump him?
—Cheaty McCheaterson

Dear Queen Schlong:
She should know more than anyone that K.S. isn't exactly the most faithful fellow. But funnily enough, she probably thinks she's the buxom apple of his eyes and had exactly the goodies to end his wandering ways—so no, she wouldn't be too pleased to hear he's got gals on the side.

Dear Ted:
So I know they're the real thing, nevertheless, I'm worried about Sookie and Bil... Um, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. Stephen has two kids by two different women he never married, and was seriously involved and broke up with another woman when he met Anna. As much as I'd like to see this marriage as The One, I fear the history doesn't bode well. Your vampy thoughts?

Dear Paq Up:
I think you're being a bit pessimistic, babe. A.P. knows all about her hubby's dubious (or not) past and doesn't mind playing the mommy role to his kiddos, even if they're from other gals. Don't worry about them, it's most certainly the real deal and I'd bet a bit of dough that it'll last.

Dear Ted:
OK Ted, I'll be the first one to admit that I've always found myself laughing at the people in your blog speculating about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's relationship. And yesterday, after reading some news about her new project I couldn't help but wonder: What will happen now? She's doing a trilogy, which means she'll become a bigger and better paid actress... Water For Elephants was great, it did fairly well at the box office… But it was not the big break he needed. Will she leave him when her career takes off? Man, being around obsessed people can mess with your head! LOL.

Dear Career Fear:
These two have never let the biz side of their Hollywood life get in the way of their relaysh, trust. So even if K.Stew has locked in a long-term gig with the Snow White saga, R.Pattz isn't exactly hurting for roles either. Jealousy won't be what comes between this duo.

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